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White Line Fever.jpg

white line fever © Mark Estabrook


NASA: Crew Factors VI Helicopter Operations, PDF 44p. July 1994

Sustained Wakefulness and Performance PDF 29p. March-April 1998
"A wake-up call to fatigued FedEx fliers" by FedEx Captain Wayne Koide, Air Line Pilot, PDF 7p. March 2003
FAA Docket No. 2009-1093 2120-AJ58- Final Rule - Flight Crewmember Duty and Rest Requirements (With Shameful Disregard for Cargo Pilots) PDF 319p. 21DEC2011
Narita, Japan: FedEx MD-11F N526FE Aircraft Accident Investigation Report (citing fatigue as cause), Japan Transport Safety Board, PDF 133p. 26APR2013
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