NASA: Crew Factors VI Helicopter Operations, PDF 44p. July 1994

NTSB Chairman Jim Hall Comments on NPRM 95-18 Duty Limits 19 June 1996
National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Jim Hall letter to FedEx pilot Mark Estabrook re: NASA sleep study on FedEx pilots and NPRM; 28 June 1996
FedEx pilot Mark Estabrook's Letter to National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Jim Hall re: NASA sleep study and NPRM 95-18 , 26 August 1996
Sustained Wakefulness and Performance, March-April 1998
"A wake-up call to fatigued FedEx fliers" by FedEx Captain Wayne Koide, Air Line Pilot, March 2003
Withdrawal of FAA NPRM 95-18, Docket No. 28081, Flight Crewmember Duty Period Limitations, Flight Time Limitations and Rest Requirements, 23NOV2009
FAA Docket No. 2009-1093 2120-AJ58- Final Rule - Flight Crewmember Duty and Rest Requirements (With Shameful Disregard for Cargo Pilots) 21DEC2011
FedEx VP of Flight Operations James L Bowman letter to FedEx ALPA MEC Chairman Scott Stratton re: FAR Flight Time Duty Time Rule 20 January 2012
Narita, Japan: FedEx MD-11F N526FE Aircraft Accident Investigation Report (citing fatigue as cause), Japan Transport Safety Board, 26APR2013
Crash During a Nighttime Non-precision Instrument Approach to Landing, UPS Flight 1354, Airbus A300-600, N155UP, Birmingham, Alabama, August 14, 2013,
Accident Report, NTSB/AAR-14/02, PB2014-107898 
UPS, Flight 1354, Birmingham, Alabama, August 14, 2013, Airbus A300-600, N155UP, NTSB Number: DCA13MA133, Docket No. SA-538, Exhibit No. 12-A, NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION SAFETY BOARD, Washington, D.C. Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) (54 Pages)
Captain Sullenberger Joins Senators Boxer, Klobuchar to Demand "One Level of Safety" for All Pilots, 12 April 2016
Could insufficient sleep be adding centimeters to your waistline? UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS, PUBLIC RELEASE: 27-JUL-2017

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