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The term "Hawthorne Effect" was coined in 1958 by Henry A. Landsberger, when analyzing earlier experiments from 1924–32 at the Hawthorne Works (a Western Electric factory outside Chicago). The Hawthorne Works had commissioned a study to see if their workers would become more productive in higher or lower levels of light. The workers' productivity seemed to improve when changes were made, and slumped when the study ended. It was suggested that the productivity gain occurred as a result of the motivational effect on the workers of the interest being shown in them(Source:Wikipedia) Video, 9:59 min, 29JUN2017

Bogdan Dzakovic, speaking on aviation security issues on behalf of the National Whistleblower Center in Washington DC, is a 14-year veteran of the Security Division of the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States. He started off his FAA career as a field agent and Federal Air Marshal, then served as a Team Leader in the Air Marshal program,  C-SPAN Video, 8:26 min, 27FEB2002

Bogdan Dzakovic testifying before the Terrorist Attack Commission Hearing Civil Aviation Officials testified about aviation security and changes in civil aviation policies and procedures following September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the U.S. C-SPAN Video, 40:08 min, 22MAY2003

Corporate Jargon - Lying By Obscurity Video 5:26 min, 20SEP2017

Harold Koh, Yale University Law School, International Law Professor, in law and cybersecurity discussion at Brookings when he mentions printer bombs and notion of continuing threat v. self defense (Editor's note: "In my opinion, FedEx should opt out of both aircraft and package real-time tracking reporting under BARR legislation as an act of preemptive self defense. And it costs virtually nothing to implement.") Video, 1:56 min, April 1, 2016

The Untold Stories of the Whistleblowers of 1777 | Stephen Kohn | TEDxWilmingtonSalon YouTube Video, 15:34 min, 22MAY2003 Support National Whistleblower Day: July 30, 2018

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