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"Arm our pilots now" by Captain Mark Estabrook, PDF, 11-16SEP2001 (I started writing this editorial before the second tower was hit. I was hosting on a server at home and had a cable guy working on my connection underneath my desk when my wife called to tell me to turn on the TV. I knew immediately who was behind it and began writing the first paragraph when the second plane entered the picture. I updated the editorial several times that week in-between radio, TV and print interviews before I was asked by the union to come in and chair a security committee. The editorial went national and international, as flawed as it was, and put pressure on ALPA to reverse their position on arming pilots. Duane Woerth quickly changed his mind about it and got out in front of a marching band).
*** For additional case files in Estabrook v. FedEx, simply hover your cursor over the "SECURITY" button at the top of every page, then click on the sub-category of information you seek from the pull-down menu. If you want to return to more general background and Court decisions, simply double-click on the "SECURITY" button.
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