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NOAA radar April 11, 2013 0255Z
FedEx Airbus Fleet Capt Rob Fisher to Capt Mark Estabrook re: CBA Section 19.D.1 Disciplinary Interview, 23 April 2013
Attorney Alan Armstrong's letter to FedEx Airbus Fleet Captain Rob Fisher re: Capt Mark Estabrook's AIR21 complaint over his exercise of Pilot-in-Command authority in Laredo, TX and 19.D.1 letter from FedEX, 29 April 2013
FedEx Aribus Fleet Capt Rob Fisher's email to Attorney Alan Armstrong  responding negatively to his request to be present at Capt Mark Estabrook's May 1, 2013 19.D.1. disciplinary interview,  29APR2013
Matthew E Robinson, OSHA, to Attorney Alan Armstrong re: FedEx Capt Mark Estabrook's withdrawal of AIR21 Whistleblower complaint 02MAY2013
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