National Transportation Safety Board Accident Report NTSB/AAR07/07, PB2007-910408, Inflight Cargo Fire, United Parcel Service Company Flight 1307,
McDonnell Douglas DC-8-71F, N748UP, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 7FEB2006
NTSB International Investigations, Global Collaboration with Domestic Impact,
Dubai UAE – UPS Boeing 747F, In-Flight Fire, Bill English, 2010
UPS Flight 6, Accident Reference: 13‐2010, Air Accident Investigation Interim ReportBoeing 747‐44AF, N571UP, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 03SEP2010
AIR ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION FINAL REPORT, Uncontained Cargo Fire Leading to Loss of Control Inflight and Uncontrolled Descent Into Terrain, Boeing 747-44AF, N571UP, UPS Flight 6, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 03SEP2010 
Aircraft Accident Final ReportCrash Into The Sea After An In-Flight Fire, Asiana Airlines Flight 991, Boeing 747-400F, HL7604, International Waters 130 km West Of Jeju Int'l Airport, 28JUL2011
Final Report: FAA Freighter Airplane Cargo Fire Risk ModelDOT/FAA/AR-11/18, Air Traffic Organization, NextGen & Operations Planning, Office of Research and Technology Development, Washington, DC 20591; 4.5 hull losses through the year 2020 with predictive model for cost of crew fatalities. (SEP 2011)
Auxiliary Power Unit Battery Fire, Japan Airlines Boeing 787-8, JA829J, Boston, Massachusetts, 07JAN2013
FedEx Express Mark Petzinger's "Packaging Research: 2013 Transportation of
Lithium and Lithium-ion Batteries" Powerpoint Presentation in PDF format (03DEC2013) Source: FAA, Summary: Fire containment technology exists.

12/03/2013: Mark Petzinger of FedEx Express "Research in the Transportation of Lithium and Lithium-ion Batteries." Source: FAA

UL Multi-Level Forensic and Functional Analysis of the 787 Main/APU Lithium Ion Battery, CORPORATE RESEARCH PROJECT: 13CA50802, May 28, 2014

Lithium Batteries Threaten Cargo Planes | NBC News

Published on Dec 8, 2014

Lithium Batteries Catch Fire in FAA Cargo Container Test

Published in APR2014

An FAA test video shows a cargo container packed with 5,000 Lithium-ion batteries and a cartridge heater catch fire and thunderously explode. 

NTSB Safety Recommendations: Lithium Batteries, A-16-001-002, 19FEB2016


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