Obama calls for tougher regulations on retirement advisers

By Marisa Schultz, New York Post; February 24, 2015

She wants to kill your 401(k), By Emily Cadei, OZY; March 16, 2015

A Comprehensive Plan to Confront The Retirement Savings Crisis, By Teresa Ghilarducci and Hamilton Tony James; Dec 2015
The plan that could render your 401(k) obsolete, By David Schepp, CBS MONEYWATCH; March 7, 2016
Is Trump Going After Your 401(k)? DAVE GONIGAM, 5 MIN. FORECAST, The Daily Reckoning; APRIL 25, 2017

The first job for Trump's Labor chief must be to stop the fiduciary rule


Bill to Replace Dodd-Frank Kills Fiduciary Rule, By Melanie Waddell, ThinkAdvisor.com, 4MAY2017

FedEx 2016 Annual Report "Latitude, Longitude, Altitude"...all of the real-time aircraft tracking al-Qaeda needs and wants

FedEx 2017 Annual Report (See page 34 for pension underfunding)

FedEx 2017 DEF-14A: Executive Pensions

How Wall Street Wrecked United's PensionBy MARY WILLIAMS WALSH PDF 10p. 31JUL2005
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